In addition to the rules governing mediation as a face-to-face process, the Mediation Law on Civil and Commercial Matters provides in article 24.2 the following: "Mediation consisting of a claim of an amount not exceeding 600 euros shall be preferably carried out by electronic media, unless the use of these is not possible for any of the parties ".

Based on this legal framework, it is possible to use electronic means (e-mail, conference calls (SKYPE or others, chat, etc.) to carry out a mediation process in controversies of an economic nature whose amount is not very high, simplifying the way to a solution. As a practicing lawyer, I have a digital certificate issued by the Certification Authority of the Law, recognized according to Law 59/2003, which in addition to identifying myself as a certified attorney, allows me to exercise my profession via the Internet with full legal validity.

If you are interested in this form of mediation, please fill in the corresponding form explaining the core issue of your problem. As soon as possible, I will send you an email explaining all the steps to take so that, without any commitment, you can decide if it is convenient to start the online mediation process.