Another class of conflicts in the civil sphere in which mediation can be very useful are those that take place within the communities of owners (common properties).

Disputes between members of a neighborhood community can be caused by different reasons. Misunderstandings, different lifestyles or expectations of others, or the absence of awareness that their behavior is affecting third parties.

When people have difficulty communicating with each other on controversial issues, mediation can be a useful resource. In addition to being less stressful, faster and less expensive than going to court, mediation is generally much more appropriate than legal action due to the existence of neighborly relations.

Because a strong subjective component is often a factor in the emergence and development of this type of conflict, mediation is especially appropriate due to its understanding and search for alternative solutions, issues that cannot be addressed in a judicial process.

In my experience as a mediator in these cases, when the conflict between neighbors escalates, the level of negative impact can reach levels that significantly affect or harm the lives of those involved in that dispute and even extend to other neighbors not directly involved. Mediation can help improve the situation.

By way of example, some of the conflicts susceptible to mediation are the following:

  • Use of common elements (parking, maintenance areas, play areas, etc.)
  • Specific complaints about noise, damage to property or cost of repairs.
  • Debts


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