Lourdes Fernandez Manzano mediator and attorney

As a mediator and attorney with extensive training and experience, I am qualified to provide mediation services in the workplace and civil arena. Regarding the practice of law, my specialty is Labor Law, particularly in the field of individual and collective negotiation.

The deep respect and sensitivity towards people and the vocation of service gives meaning and guidance in my professional activity. Since people are very important to me, I am committed to making all the necessary efforts to help them recover the peace that the problem they suffer may have taken away from them.

Mediation is a bridge to which the participants approach, each one perhaps from an extreme. Venturing to cross it requires hope in the future. Some people do it willingly, while others need encouragement and help to get close and gain enough confidence to take a few steps over the bridge. As a mediator, my role is to support consensus building and monitoring that this bridge has been built on strong pillars from both a practical and emotional perspective.

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