As an attorney specialized in Labor Law, I am in a good position to provide quality advice, representing your interests in both administrative and jurisdictional areas. My comprehensive training and extensive experience in Labor Law provides me with the precise resources to understand the conflicts that arise in the complex field of labor relations and set the right strategy in order to find a solution from a legal perspective.

In the framework of the economic crisis now being suffered by professionals related to the Labor Market, I must meet the personal qualities and have the sufficient technical preparation to respond to difficult situations. For illustrative purposes, some of the issues that may be the subject of my advice and representation as an attorney are the following:

  • Spanish legal procedure known as E.R.E. “Expedientes de Regulación de Empleo (suspension, reduction, extinction)”
  • Monetary claims (quantity and rights)
  • Dismissal and sanctions. Labor disciplinary actions
  • Geographical and functional mobility
  • Substantial modification of working conditions
  • Permits and leave
  • Collective conflicts
  • Social Security (Disability, Pensions, etc.)
  • Trade union law. Union policies. Negotiation and agreement planning