The mediation process starts from a general but flexible scheme that adapts to different persons and conflicts. In general, the parties meet with the mediator in one or more sessions. Everyone works to identify what the problems are, determine what information is needed to help solve them, identify possible solutions and define those that can work for everyone.

Usually after the first individual interviews with each party, the mediator holds joint sessions to establish a dialogue between the parties. The mediator may also meet with the parties separately, carrying out an indirect mediation between them.

In mediation, the parties choose the result. The mediator does not tell anyone what option to take. This is one of the great differences between mediation and going to the courts. In the judicial process, the judge establishes what each party gets. In mediation, the parties decide what each will obtain.

Once it has been decided how to resolve the case, I will draft a document gathering the agreement. If the parties wish, the draft can be reviewed by their respective lawyers before being signed.