The parties in a mediation process accept that their participation in it will be developed in accordance with the following rules:

  1. We will respect the turns to speak, without interrupting.
  2. We will call the other party by his or her first name, not "he" or "she".
  3. We will refrain from blaming, attacking, or humiliating.
  4. We will remain focused on the future, and on structuring the relationship with the other party around the future that we would like to create.
  5. We will express our proposals in terms of our personal needs and interests and the results we would like to achieve, avoiding extreme positions.
  6. We will ask each other questions in order to gain clarity and understanding of our own and others' vision of the problem.
  7. We will listen respectfully and sincerely to try to understand the needs and interests of the other persons.
  8. We will recognize that, even if we do not agree, each one of us has the right to his own perspective.
  9. We will speak clearly if something is not working for us in mediation.
  10. As long as the mediation process is ongoing, we will refrain from going through the judicial process (except in the case of a clear emergency that requires prompt action). If there is a problem that needs to be resolved, we will try to resolve it ourselves or with the help of the mediator.
  11. If we have the impression that the mediator is not being impartial or neutral, we will inform you.