Law 5/2012, of July 6, on mediation in civil and commercial matters, regulates the mediation process in these matters. (Link to the law)

The Preamble of Law echoes the benefits that mediation has been demonstrating in its application: "Among the advantages of mediation is to highlight its ability to provide practical, effective and profitable solutions to certain conflicts between parties and this configures it as an alternative to the judicial process or the arbitral route ... The issues may have a solution more adapted to the needs and interests of the parties in conflict than the one that could derive from the legal forecast ".

The art. 1 of the Law defines the concept of mediation as "that means of dispute resolution, whatever its denomination, in which two or more parties voluntarily attempt to reach an agreement with the intervention of a mediator". Conflicts related to contracts, consumption, payment of indemnities by insurance companies and properties (neighbors, disputes in communities of owners) are some of the assumptions in which mediation can be a useful tool for finding solutions.



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