It is important to emphasize that as a mediation professional, I am qualified to intervene in conflicts of different nature (labor, civil, family, etc.), since the methodology, techniques and skills to be used in the mediation process are essentially the same with independence of the type of controversy that is addressed. It is about offering a structured process in which the parties can listen and understand each other's points of view. Starting from the training of the mediating person for the analysis of the conflict and its causes, communication between the parties is facilitated and they are helped to find creative ways to solve their difficulties in order to reach an agreement.

Research indicates that people are more likely to respect an agreement that they themselves have created. Mediation is faster, less expensive and less stressful than the solution that can be found in the courts. Mediation is especially appropriate for people who have some relationship: Labor, commercial, family, etc. Because in the mediation process the parties have to work together to face their difficulties, their relationships can be maintained and even strengthened.

Mediation is not yet sufficiently known Spain and therefore it may occur that a party is not receptive at first to participate in the mediation process. In this case, part of my role as a mediator is to talk with the reluctant parties in order to inform them adequately about the characteristics and advantages of this alternative. Based on this information, they will be in a position to take a more conscious and informed decision about the use or not of this process, which must always be voluntary.